The Next Generation Instruction recipe is that there is no set recipe. Philosophy and methods must always be fresh and ever changing. A great coach can only remain great as long as he or she is learning, adapting and growing - just as the skaters do. When training with us you will learn some new and innovative approaches to skating while maintaining the elegance and beauty of the “timeless” figure skater.


Fusion: To incorporate the best parts of all the techniques we learned from around the world into one hybrid philosophy. 
Build a foundation for long-term goals and development

Off ice training for rapid motor skill development
Structured curriculum
Positive Reinforcement
Private & Small Group Instruction

Next Generation Students Skating Fund



"I am convinced that Garrett Lucash will soon be known as one of the outstanding figure skating coaches in the world. He combines the best of the US and Russian methods, loves children as if they would be his own, and brings a fresh and open mind to incorporate new ideas and training methods that will advance figure skating to a new level not seen before."
--Chris Wasshuber, Somerville

“Next Generation Instruction” チームは、非常に才能溢れる、カリスマ性を兼ね備えたフィギュアスケートコーチ陣からなるチームで、素晴らしい実績とともに、“Next Generation” の将来を見据えた確かなビジョンを持っています。
和田 裕美、ブルックライン
(“Next Generation Instruction” is a very talented and charismatic figure skating coach’s team that has an impressive track record and clear vision for the future of “Next Generation”.  Under the direction of this dream team, my 6-year-old daughter has been learning a lot of fundamental skating skills through on-ice/off-ice training with being highly motivated and finding joy in her skating life.)
Hiromi Wada, Brookline

“This team manages to pick out that tiny detail that matters the most at a particular time. After my first lesson with them I started feeling more stable on ice. I have learned more than words could ever can explain on behalf of this team! I incredibly appreciate your effort, please keep going at it!”
--Svetlana, Boston

“Garrett is a charismatic, energetic and positive coach. He is always thinking outside the box to come up with innovative teaching methods, which keeps his students striving for their personal goals.”
--Richard Baltzer, Everett

“Гарретт -  отличный тренер, который  отдаёт все свои силы и всё своё умение, чтобы добиться максимального результата. Он всегда проводит полноценные, зажигательные, энергичные тренировки. Моя дочка обожает своего тренера, так как на его занятиях не бывает скучно - Гарретт всегда придумывает, как увлечь ребенка. Он находит общий язык с каждым учеником, проявляя творческий, разносторонний подход и бесконечное терпение.”
(Garrett is a great trainer, he gives all his knowledge and abilities(?) to get the best results. He always leads energetic sessions. My daughter loves her trainer, because she is never bored in his classes - Garrett always finds the way to keep her interested. He finds his way to every student, thanks to his artistic, creative personality and endless patience.)
Yulia Orlova, Belmont

“Garrett, thank you for your superb coaching and organizational skills!  You have been a real inspiration to my daughter; she always comes off the ice smiling.”
--Gratefully, Kathy, Maine

(Garrett’s way of teaching is incredible to keep children’s attention, great balance between basics and fun, dedication on coaching and over everything, his warm and kind personality earns our children’s and our trust.)
--Tomoko & Tomo, Brookline

“With enthusiasm and knowledge, Garrett has created a safe and effective off-ice program to help his skaters maximize their potential on the ice.  My daughter thoroughly enjoys his off-ice sessions.” 
--Cyndy Borenstein, Westfield

“Ingrid Bakke, skøyteløper siden år 2000, bodde i Brookline Massachusetts august 2009 til juli 2010 . Det var en stor opplevelse å bli mottatt i skøytemiljøet der. Garrett var god til å¨få fram det beste i sine elever. Vi savner Garretts glitrende trenerkompetanse og gnistrende gode humør.”
(Ingrid Bakke, figure skater since 2000, lived in Brookline MA August 2009 through July 2010. It was a great experience to skate in the US. Garrett had a very good ability to make Ingrid perform her best. We miss Garrett’s spirit and outstanding skills.)
--Bergen, Norway  Ingrid and Parents

“Garrett Lucash has an extraordinary way of coaching his students. My son and daughter have not only technically but also artistically improved as skaters. Garrett is funny, supportive and technically superior in his field. He is a wonderful coach, friend and mentor!”
--Jeff Parentella, Southwick

“My 3 year old looks forward to this class for days in advance. He smiles and laughs the whole time he’s on the ice learning new things. Each child learns at his or her own pace through motivation, not pressure.”
--Leah Johnson, Brookline

“I’ve been skating pairs for a few years and I feel that my skating has improved a lot over that past few months.  Garrett has made me a more confident and relaxed skater allowing me to use what I can do to fuller advantage and also challenging me to try more difficult moves.  I really enjoy skating with him.  He’s very sensitive to what I’m comfortable doing on the ice and he makes it a lot of fun.  I always look forward to my lessons with Garrett.”   
--Julie Strawitz, pairs skater, Vermont

“Garrett Lucash is an extraordinary skating coach. What I have learned from him goes well beyond the skating rink. It has influenced my teaching at Harvard and my painting. Training with him is a mental as well as a physical exercise. What is exciting is pushing beyond what you imagine your capabilities are, discovering new ways of thinking and moving. I appreciate his high standards which inspire me to work harder. I can't believe how much I have grown working with him.”
--Anne McGhee, Boston

“Garrett is able to formulate a relationship with children that motivates them to forget about their fears of falling on ice.  Garrett is an inspiration to all his students and portrays the greatest of patience.”
--Rita, Cambridge

“Garrett est infiniment patient avec les enfants.  Les enfants s'attachent très vite à lui et veulent patiner avec lui.  Mes deux fils adorent patiner avec lui.  Il a réussi à motiver le petit et à aider le plus grand à progresser rapidement!”
(Garrett is so patient and kind, the kids just bond to him and want to skate with him.  My two sons love to skate with him.  He was able to motivate the little one as well as help the older one progress steadily!)
-- Nathalie, Brookline

“Garrett is a wonderful instructor blessed with the natural talents of being a great teacher as well as skater. My son looks forward to his ice skating class each week with great enthusiasm and Garrett has taught him how to feel confident and have fun on the ice.”
--Sarita Capobianco, Somerville

Garrett Lucash

United States Champion